Massive Wood Slabs Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2018 to 2028

Massive Wood Slabs Market: An Overview

Massive wood slabs are large pieces of wood cut from trees, for use in furniture and cabinetry. Massive wood slabs are preferred due to the desire to have different texture and moisture content in furniture, which gives off an appearance, unique to different wood types. The intent is to impart an exotic appearance to furniture. Massive wood slabs, like any other wood product, have their own pros and cons. A massive wood slab without the presence of any secondary hardwood, has a huge impact on the cost. In the traditional and more cost effective method, wood is measured in a unit known as ‘board foot’.

One board foot is equal a piece of rough lumber that is 1″ thick by 12″ wide by 12″ long. In case the wood type is expensive, cabinetmakers use a secondary hardwood to form the structure. This secondary wood is much cheaper and is not visible. In case of massive wood slabs, there is no scope for inclusion of secondary hardwood. Hence, massive wood slabs are expensive. The availability of a cheaper alternative is therefore a disadvantage. However, given the composition of massive wood slabs, they usually have high preference as an elite product. Apart from housing, massive wood slabs are also used in offices as the surface or large conference tables.

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Massive Wood Slabs Market: Dynamics

The global cabinetry industry is expected to grow on the backdrop of rising construction activity and higher consumer confidence. Massive wood slabs are used as surfaces for dining tables and shelves in many houses. The demand for massive wood slabs is expected to be directly related to the growth in the number of new construction projects and residential renovations.

Massive wood slabs are essentially used to enhance the appearance of furniture. Massive wood slabs differ according to the type of wood used. Different wood types are used according to the desired texture and moisture content. Massive wood slabs cut in different sizes in wood mills, where woodworkers, home owners, interior designers, and architects can select the desired type.

The demand for massive wood slabs is also expected to grow due to a trend observed in many families, especially in the North America and Western Europe region. Old trees which are in need to be cut down, or are naturally dying are the preferable sources for massive wood slabs. This is due to the high demand for wood that is centuries old, as it is considered exotic by many families. The pricing of massive wood slabs can significantly vary depending on the type of wood, availability of wood, and demand for a specific wood in a certain region.

Therefore, it is expected that massive wood slabs made out of ebony or tigerwood would be rare. One of the key restraints to the growth of the massive wood slabs market is expected to be the availability of alternative cabinetry methods, which involve pieces of wood, which are milled together to form a large wooden surface. The method is less expensive, and therefore, has high preference.

Massive Wood Slabs Market: Regional Outlook

The North America massive wood slabs market is expected to lead in terms of both value and volume, followed by the Western Europe massive wood slabs market. The Asia Pacific region represents a huge incremental opportunity for the growth of the massive wood slabs market. However, tapping into markets with huge potential like that of India could be challenging due to the lack of tradition to use massive wood slabs for cabinetry and furniture.

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Global Massive Wood Slabs Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global massive wood slabs market are:

  • Everhart Lumber Company
  • Advantage Lumber
  • Herman Furniture

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