Radial Agricultural Tire Market – Report provides Company and Distribution Shares & Market Outlook to 2026

Radial Agricultural Tire Market – Overview

A radial tire comprises of polyester/steel cable belts and is coated with rubber. These belts are assembled parallel to each other and are at a 90 degree angle to the tread center line. This radial structure of the tire reduces the rolling resistance and improves flexibility. It also helps the tire in dissipating heat thereby increasing its life. Also, owing to their radial construction, radial tires are lesser prone to flat-spots when a tire is not in use for long periods of time.

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Radial tires are globally ruling the automotive market. However, in agricultural machinery market, the argument of whether bias or radial is still open owing to the advantages and limitations both offer. Bias tires can operate at low speed and are less susceptible to damage from rocky land conditions. Also, they are very less expensive than radial agricultural tires and therefore currently dominate the radial agricultural tire market. On the other hand, radial agricultural tires are expensive. But they offer 10-15% more traction than bias tires, thus improving efficiency by saving fuel. Also, they have a longer tread life, better wear durability and are responsible for a smoother ride. Owing to these factors, more and more farmers are switching to radial agricultural tires. Thus, their demand is expected to grow during the forecast period in different countries across the world.

Radial Agricultural Tire Market – Drivers and Restraints

Increasing demand for food led by rising population is anticipated to be a major driver for the radial agricultural tire market during the forecast period. Increasing population is expected to raise the need for agricultural products in the next few years. Since mechanization is the only way to increase agricultural productivity and meet requirements of growing population; demand for agricultural machinery including tractors and harvesters is anticipated to surge significantly during the forecast period, thus facilitating the growth of radial agricultural tires. Furthermore, encouraging government policies such as subsidies on agricultural products and agricultural machinery are also anticipated to trigger the adoption of radial agricultural tires across the world.

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